Discover the Family Pavilion at Waterloo Park

Michael Hsu Office of Architecture collaborated closely with MVVA to design the Waterloo Park Family Pavilion. Located adjacent to two expansive heritage trees shading a wooden deck, the project provides seating and facilities for the park’s trailer concession amenities while seamlessly blending into the landscape. The Family Pavilion reflects the park’s architectural language with a […]

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Waterloo Park Welcomes a Live Oak Tree from UT Austin

Thanks to a partnership between The University of Texas at Austin (UT), the City of Austin and Waterloo Greenway, a mature Live Oak tree, previously located on UT’s campus, was moved to Waterloo Park in downtown Austin on May 2, 2020. Construction continues at Waterloo Park with increased safety precautions due to COVID-19. Once completed, […]

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Discover the Southwest Corner of Waterloo Park

This fall, you’ll be able to stroll through the elevated promenade that snakes its way through the southwestern corner of Waterloo Park. Starting at the intersection of 12th and Trinity Streets, the elevated promenade — often referred to as the “S bridge” because of its shape — will provide a stunning view and entrance point to Waterloo Park’s endless trails, lush gardens, welcoming gathering spaces, and of course, the 5,000-person-capacity Moody Amphitheater.

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A Look at Moody Amphitheater Construction

Every day, we get one step closer to unveiling a revitalized Waterloo Park in the heart of downtown Austin.

This 11-acre green space, between 12th and 15th Streets and along Red River and Trinity Streets, will soon be home to more than a mile of tree-lined hike-and-bike trails, stunning Hill Country gardens, imaginative playscapes, and the 5,000-person-capacity Moody Amphitheater.

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Waterloo Park Continues to Take Shape

As 2020 approaches, our construction team DPR continues to make progress at Waterloo Park. Located between 12th and 15th Streets along Red River, Waterloo Park will soon be home to 11 acres of welcoming green space, imaginative playscapes, lush gardens, and the world-class Moody Amphitheater. Over the last couple of months, the 5,000-person-capacity venue’s 15 […]

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Behind the Fence at Waterloo Park: Mockups on the Rise

Curious about the eye-catching structures you can see rising above the construction fence at the southeast corner of Waterloo Park?  One of them is a 25’-6” pre-construction mockup of the amphitheater’s massive steel and aluminum canopy. The Moody Amphitheater, designed by Thomas Phifer and Partners, will be an iconic 5,000-person-capacity music and performing arts venue when […]

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