About the Conservancy

There are parks.
And then there’s the Waterloo Greenway.

Our Mission

Waterloo Greenway Conservancy creates and maintains an extraordinary urban park system and a restored Waller Creek, in partnership with the City of Austin, for the benefit of all. The Conservancy renews the natural environment, promotes play, health and wellness, economic vitality and mobility, and engages the community through outreach, education, cultural events, and the arts.

Our Vision

Waterloo Greenway is an iconic and flourishing public park, comprised of walking and biking trails, playscapes, open green spaces, and a healthy creek, enlivened by Austin’s diverse and vibrant community. Founded on the bedrock of great design, the park connects people with nature and one another. It is an enduring, beloved and vital green artery that serves as a model for sustainable urban life. 


Grown from a vision for a community-centered, environmentally restored, and activated Waller Creek in downtown Austin, Waller Creek Conservancy was founded in 2010 by board members Melba Whatley, Melanie Barnes, and Tom Meredith. The organization launched an international design competition to revitalize the Waller Creek district the following year, resulting in the selection of the design team Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, Inc. and Thomas Phifer and Partners.

A partnership with the City of Austin, formalized by a joint development agreement in 2014, makes this unique project possible. Construction of the capital project began in 2017 and will continue in phases. In 2019, Waller Creek Conservancy became Waterloo Greenway Conservancy, and the entirety of the project came to be known as Waterloo Greenway. The first phase of the project, Waterloo Park, will open in 2020.