About the Conservancy

There are parks.
And then there’s Waterloo Greenway.

Our Mission

Waterloo Greenway Conservancy creates and maintains an extraordinary urban park system and a restored Waller Creek, in partnership with the City of Austin, for the benefit of all. The Conservancy renews the natural environment, promotes play, health and wellness, economic vitality and mobility, and engages the community through outreach, education, cultural events, and the arts.

Our Vision

Waterloo Greenway is an iconic and flourishing public park, comprised of walking and biking trails, playscapes, open green spaces, and a healthy creek, enlivened by Austin’s diverse and vibrant community. Founded on the bedrock of great design, the park connects people with nature and one another. It is an enduring, beloved and vital green artery that serves as a model for sustainable urban life. 

Our Commitment to Equity

Waterloo Greenway, as a vibrant urban park, embraces the transformative power of public spaces to build communities and ecosystems, amplify culture, and enhance health and well-being. As the stewards behind Waterloo Greenway, we boldly commit to building equity through thoughtful design, innovative programming, and uplifting community initiatives, honoring the space’s history and forging an inclusive park for Austin’s diverse communities now and in the future.

Land Acknowledgement

At different times throughout its history, this land was known by different names and occupied by various Indigenous Peoples for over 15,000 years, including but not limited to the Coahuiltecans, Lipan Apache, Tonkawa, and Comanche Tribes.

This acknowledgement does not take the place of authentic relationships with Indigenous communities but serves as a first step in honoring the land we stand on and resisting the erasure of Indigenous past, present, and future.


Grown from a vision for a community-centered, environmentally restored, and activated Waller Creek in downtown Austin, Waller Creek Conservancy was founded in 2010 by board members Melba Whatley, Melanie Barnes, and Tom Meredith. The organization launched an international design competition to revitalize the Waller Creek district the following year, resulting in the selection of the design team Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, Inc. and Thomas Phifer and Partners.

A partnership with the City of Austin, formalized by a joint development agreement in 2014, makes this unique project possible. Construction of the capital project began in 2017 and will continue in phases. In 2019, Waller Creek Conservancy became Waterloo Greenway Conservancy, and the entirety of the project came to be known as Waterloo Greenway. The first phase of the project, Waterloo Park, opened to the public on August 14, 2021.

A Historic Timeline


Waller Creek Tunnel

On April 8, construction of the City of Austin’s Waller Creek Tunnel begins. The mile-long tunnel is designed to remove more than 28 acres of downtown from the floodplain, keeping people safe from flash floods and making lasting creek restoration possible. Learn more about the tunnel and creek restoration.

Historic Partnership

On April 28, Waterloo Greenway forms a historic public-private partnership with the City of Austin. Both groups commit $400,000 to fund the design and implementation of a new Waller Creek district master plan.

Design Competition

In November, Waterloo Greenway launches “Design Waller Creek: A Competition.” The international competition calls for the most innovative and qualified landscape architects, architects, and artists to present their ideas for remaking a now fragmented and undervalued lower Waller Creek.


Private and Public Support

Waterloo Greenway’s board of directors grows to 30 members. Together, they raise more than $1 million from private philanthropy for the “Design Waller Creek” competition. In October, the Conservancy holds its inaugural annual benefit concert along Waller Creek, drawing 2,000 supporters. In the November 2012 bond election, Austinites approve $13 million for the development of Waller Creek.

And the Winner Is …

The “Design Waller Creek” competition concludes with the announcement of the selected design team: Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, Inc. and Thomas Phifer & Partners. The Austin City Council unanimously votes to affirm the selected team on Oct.18, 2012.


Pop-Up Picnic

In April, the Waterloo Greenway holds its inaugural “Pop-Up Picnic” fundraiser in Palm Park. It’s a huge success, bringing Austinites back to the soon-to-be-revitalized parks along Waller Creek.


Joint Development Agreement

In April, the City of Austin and Waterloo Greenway finalize the Joint Development Agreement. The document establishes the legal relationship and means for designing and implementing the design plan.

Creek Show

Creek Show, now a signature program for the organization, launches in November. Over 1,000 people come to this one-night event featuring five light installations on Waller Creek from local architects and landscape architects. It would grow to become a multiday event that attracted more than 60,000 people in 2019.


Creek Corridor Framework Plan

The Conservancy and City of Austin complete the Waller Creek Corridor Framework Plan. The document is the result of nearly a year of research, design, and stakeholder coordination. It sets up the foundation for all design work to come by establishing a framework for the creek, trails, and parks.


Community Engagement

The Conservancy completes the first conceptual designs of a revitalized Waterloo Park. In May and September, a series of public meetings engage the community on a vision for the future of Palm Park, while learning more about its history.

Art Installations

Art first comes to Waterloo Greenway through internationally renowned artist Orly Genger’s interactive installation, Hurlyburly. The installation is the launch of a collaborative partnership with The Contemporary Austin. The Edward and Betty Marcus Foundation donate a $1.1-million gift to The Contemporary Austin for public art along Waller Creek. Learn more about art in the park


Moody Foundation Grant

In February, Waterloo Greenway receives a $15-million grant from the Moody Foundation to support the revitalization of Waller Creek and create an iconic outdoor public amphitheater in Waterloo Park.

Phase I: Waterloo Park Groundbreaking

In September, Austin celebrated the start of construction along Waterloo Greenway with a groundbreaking ceremony at Waterloo Park. This signaled the start of its first phase of the project at the 11-acre site.


New Waterloo Greenway Headquarters

In November, a portion of Symphony Square becomes Waterloo Greenway headquarters. Learn more about the Square’s restoration.  


Austin City Council unanimously approves an amendment to the Waller Creek Tax Increment Financing (TIF) in May 2018. The result is approximately $110 million in new public funding for the Waterloo Greenway project.


Heritage Tree Rescue

On Feb. 24, a partnership between Waterloo Greenway, the State of Texas, and the City of Austin relocates a massive 300,000-pound heritage live oak from the State Capitol Complex to Waterloo Park. 

Vision-Unifying Brand

On Aug. 21, the future of the Waller Creek project is publicly introduced for the first time as Waterloo Greenway. This unifying new brand recognizes the evolution from an ambitious idea to a wondrous destination that will be beloved by all Austinites.

Waterloo Greenway Day

Austin City Council declares Aug. 22, 2019, as Waterloo Greenway Day.


Waterloo Park Re-Opens

The historic 35-acre park reopened to the public on August 14, 2021. Waterloo Park welcomes the community to explore the park and experience countless community events, festivals, and concerts at Austin’s newest outdoor entertainment venue, Moody Amphitheater.

Since 1978, Waterloo Park has been home to many authentically Austin experiences such as Spamarama, Pachanga, Fun Fun Fun Fest, Mess with Texas, and the Ice Cream Festival. The launch of the Moody Amphitheater represents a homecoming, building upon a legacy of live music and community festivals once hosted at Waterloo Park. Waterloo Greenway looks forward to hosting free, family-friendly programs for everyone in our community to enjoy starting fall 2021.

Gary Clark Jr. Marks Inaugural Concert at Moody Amphitheater

Austin icon and Grammy Award-winning musician Gary Clark Jr. took the stage as the first ticketed concert to take place at Moody Amphitheater on August 20-21, 2021.

Waterloo Greenway and C3 Presents were honored to celebrate the first show at this incredible new venue with a performance from one of Texas’ most beloved artists.


Federal Funding Received

April 25, 2022 – Today, Waterloo Greenway Conservancy, the City of Austin, and U.S. Congressman Lloyd Doggett announced monumental support by the federal government to propel the next important phase of Waterloo Greenway’s expansive park system project forward – The Confluence. Because of the recently approved Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is dedicating $9 million for the restoration of Waller Creek.On April 25, 2022, Waterloo Greenway Conservancy, the City of Austin, and U.S. Congressman Lloyd Doggett announced monumental support by the federal government to propel the next important phase of Waterloo Greenway’s expansive park system project forward – The Confluence. Because of the recently approved Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is dedicating $9 million for the restoration of Waller Creek.


Phase II: The Confluence Groundbreaking

On May 3, 2023, Waterloo Greenway Conservancy and the City of Austin broke ground this morning on The Confluence, the second phase of Waterloo Greenway’s comprehensive plan to revitalize Waller Creek and create a 1.5-mile greenway stretching from Waterloo Park at its north, all the way to Lady Bird Lake.