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First Pecan Tree Transplanted at The Confluence

On September 10, 2022, Waterloo Greenway relocated a 45” trunk diameter pecan tree to a new home along the southern end of Waller Creek in downtown Austin near the Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center.

The colossal tree, featuring a 70-80’ canopy spread and 34’ diameter rootball, moved from its original home at an adjacent private property. Estimated to be about 400-500 thousand pounds, this special pecan tree is the first new park element at Waterloo Greenway’s second phase, Creek Delta, set to begin construction in mid 2022.

At Creek Delta, where the mouth of Waller Creek meets Lady Bird Lake, the creek is deeper and more ecologically diverse than anywhere else in the city. Three lightweight suspension bridges will drape across the newly resplendent landscape, creating stunning canopy walks with unrivaled vantage points. The bridges, designed to blend effortlessly into the natural environment, also create vital new east-west connections for hiking, biking, and exploring. Waterloo Greenway Conservancy will maintain and operate the park and will activate it with diverse and inclusive programming, cultural events, and public art.

This pecan tree preservation was made possible by a partnership with the City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department and Watershed Protection Department, EDI (Environmental Design Inc.), Consort, and Genesis Real Estate Group.

At the newly reopened Waterloo Park, four live oak trees were relocated to new homes within the park, one from State property on North Congress Ave., one from the offices of the Austin Symphony Orchestra, and two from the University of Texas at Austin.  All are acclimating very well to their new habitat.

Learn more about past tree moves at Waterloo Greenway below: