Creek Explorers

#### Creek Explorers is a circle of individuals who are committed to the creation and maintenance of a chain of extraordinary urban parks around a restored Waller Creek. Creek Explorers contribute unrestricted gifts of $1,500 or more, providing a crucial runway of support as we build the programs that will make Waller Creek Park a vibrant and active greenspace.

#### Three-year commitments from Creek Explorers provide Waller the Conservancy with predictable revenue that allows us to plan for the future, and helps eliminate renewal mailings or lapses in your membership. One-time gifts are greatly appreciated too.

All Creek Explorers enjoy these benefits:

  • Private guided hard hat tours
  • Invitations to private events
  • Exclusive project updates on our progress towards a new and revitalized Waller Creek
  • Recognition in public listings

### Current Creek Explorers

Jenny and Dan Ahearn
Janet and Wilson Allen
America Alva and Bryan Rubio
Charles Attal
Gene Attal
Allison and Steve Baker
Dinah and Barry Barksdale
Melanie Barnes
Carol and Charles Barnett
Cindy and Pat Behling
Linda Benge and Paul Robshaw
Laura and Kyndel Bennett
Lori and Tito Beveridge
Julie Blakeslee and John Spong
Marushka Bland and Aaron Stanush
Ruthie and Gene Burrus
Marian and Chris Casey
Brent Chambers
Amy and John Chronis
Michelle and Alan Cline
Debbie and Mike Cooper
Megan and Marshall Coover
Marie Crane
Danna and Crutch Crutchfield
Paul D’Arcy
Griffin Davis
Suzanne Deal Booth
Rosemary and Russell Douglass
Sue Edwards and David Bodenman
Mindy Ellmer
Susan and Gary Farmer
Cissie and Dillon Ferguson
Gretchen and Art Flatau
Margaret and Noah Galton
Quen and Jesus Garza
Eric Goff
David and Stephanie Goodman
Deborah Green and Clayton Aynesworth
Jeff Greenip
Caroline and Brian Haley
Janet Harman and Kent Mayes
Marian Powell Harrison
Erin and Scott Hentschel
Kelly Hines and Dean Almy
Stacy and Joel Hock
Jane and Jeff Howard
Katherine Hudson
Mike Hughes
Cheline Jaidar
Lori and Jim Johnson
Luci B. Johnson and Ian Turpin
Brenda and Jonny Jones
Jeanne and Mickey Klein
Liz Lee
Carolyn Lewis
Jeanne and Lew Little
Carolyn and Jack Long
Kathleen and Christopher Loughlin
Susan and Richard Marcus
Mary and Michael Marinelli
Lynn and Tom Meredith
Fredericka and David Middleton
Ellen and Steve Miura
Stacey and Mark Moore
Lauren and Tommy Moorman
Melanie and Peter Mullan
Evvie Nazro
Lucy Nazro
Amanda and Brad Nelsen
Tory and Milam Newby
Evie and Cash Nickerson
Nona Niland
Peggy O’Shaughnessy
Deborah and Larry Peel
Jessica and J. Pieratt
Beth and Bryan Plater
Charlie Plauche
Mary Rose and Christopher Rassier
Jean and Dan Rather
Lora Reynolds and Quincy Lee
Robinson Family
Elizabeth and Rob Rogers
Magdalena Rood and Leslie M. Moore
Rebecca Rooney
Eddie Safady
Gail and Rodney Susholtz
Ava Sanchez and Craig McCullough
Hannah Temple and Christopher Sanders
Paula H. and Kenneth W. Smith
Colleen and Tom Terkel
Margot and Grant Thomas
Colleen and Frank Trabold
Jeff Trigger
Elisabeth and Alex Tynberg
Carol and Adam Wagner
Amy and Jerry Webberman
Melba and Ted Whatley
Catherine and David Wilkes
Peggy and Matt Winkler
Liz Young and Tommy Vascocu