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Waller Creek Conversations: Food in Our Future Parks

Starting this year, Waller Creek Conservancy is hosting quarterly community conversations on topics relevant to our future parks. In February, we kicked off this engagement series by asking our community about your preferences for food in Waller Creek Parks. After hosting two public meetings on Feb. 22 and 24, and an online survey during the month of March, we’ve tallied up what we heard. View the full feedback report now.

We want to thank our community for participating and sharing their valuable feedback during this Waller Creek Conversation.

Through a series of interactive activities, attendees had the opportunity to share comments on their preferred dining experience and menu. Attendees also heard a project update on Waterloo Park, which is currently under construction. In addition to in-person and online opportunities, WCC also visited local Farmers Markets during February and March, engaging a total of 200 people.

A special thank you to our guest speakers who attended these conversations: Mayor Pro Tem Kathie Tovo, Austin City Council; Hoover Alexander, Owner of Hoover’s Kitchen; and Mandi Thomas, Downtown Austin Alliance.


Throughout the Waller Creek Conservancy’s engagement process, several
feedback themes were repeated among various activities. Generally,
participants supported food trucks and carts, with ample seating available, and
food options that are conducive to a mobile park experience. Check out the report for other key findings.

This valuable feedback will be shared with our partners at the City of Austin and with the design team so that it can be incorporated into the future of Waller Creek.

Questions? Contact Melissa Ayala, Community Engagement Manager at 512-541-3520 or

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Photo by David Brendan Hall Photography. To view more photos of our community conversations, visit our Facebook album.