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Unanimous Council Vote for the Palm District & Waller Creek District


Yesterday, the Austin City Council took a bold step to advance the future of eastern Downtown Austin, including Waller Creek.

Unanimously approving a resolution sponsored by Council Member Kathie Tovo, the Council directed the City Manager to engage in a comprehensive planning process for the Palm District and Waller Creek District.

The resolution initiates a set of planning and design initiatives to address critical issues around the lower section of Waller Creek, comprising a new Palm District Master Plan, including the Convention Center expansion, Palm School and Palm Park, Brush Square, the ESB-MACC, Rainey Street Historic District, Cap Metro’s Downtown Station and Project Connect, and the Fifth Street Mexican American Heritage Corridor.

The resolution also directs the City Manager to work with the Waller Creek Conservancy, the Downtown Austin Alliance, and other community stakeholders on a vision and blueprint for the larger Waller Creek District, from 15th Street to the Lake and from Trinity Street to I-35. This process will result in standards for development that are compatible with the creek restoration, trail improvements, and a thriving public realm.

WCC applauds the efforts of Council Member Tovo and resolution co-sponsors Mayor Adler, Mayor Pro Tem Garza, and Council Members Renteria and Harper-Madison to support a comprehensive vision for this unique collection of public and private assets that will benefit the entire community.

Imagine what we can create in this part of the city: a vibrant, multi-layered, and diverse experience of people and place that is accessible to the entire city. In an era when our city is increasingly being pulled apart, this could be a place – maybe THE place – where our entire community comes together.

We’d like to thank our Austin City Council for their vision and leadership. We know there is much work ahead as we advance planning efforts for both the Waller Creek District and the Palm District. We look forward to collaborating with a great number of community leaders and stakeholders on this process including the City of Austin, Travis County, Downtown Austin Alliance, and more.

And, thanks to our WCC family for your continued support of the future of Waller Creek!

Peter Mullan
CEO, Waller Creek Conservancy