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Spring + Summer Magazine

The realization of a new Waller Creek is igniting a vision for Austin that is exciting, diverse, continually changing, and yet true to the city’s spirit.

2017 will be an important year for Waller Creek––we will break ground on the transformation of Waterloo Park later this year––and it started off with some big news. In early February, we had the great privilege to announce a remarkable $15-million gift from The Moody Foundation to Waller Creek. This legacy gift will spur the creation of an outdoor performance venue in Waterloo Park unlike anything ever experienced in Austin. The Moody Amphitheater will welcome Austinites and visitors to enjoy music, art, and cultural events for years to come.

But, The Moody Foundation’s gift has a broader significance as well. It is a demonstration of the critical value of parks and open space—our public realm—to the future of Austin, in general. This is true in neighborhoods all over our city, but it is especially true in the case of Waller Creek. Serving as a central spine in an emerging urban district, Waller Creek presents an opportunity for preservation, innovation, connection, and community that will shape the planning and development around it. Our city is challenged with finding solutions that support growth, opportunity, and change—all while preserving what’s true to Austin. Working in partnership with our local partners and stakeholders, Waller Creek will serve as a catalyst for addressing a variety of economic and social needs. This work starts now. I invite you to take a closer look at what’s happening with the transformation of the Waller Creek District.

As we advance the design and construction on the capital transformation of Waller Creek, we also continue to explore how Waller Creek can be a platform for a range of programmatic initiatives to serve our community, from art, to environment, education, and health. One example of this is the ongoing evolution of Creek Show. Another is the upcoming launch of the Waller Creek Park Stewards program. Starting this spring, volunteers, along with Conservancy staff and partners, will collect data and provide documentation of existing conditions, and embark on hands-on restorations efforts.

None of this would be possible without the commitment of our community. We are truly humbled by the passion and continued support from our donors, partners, neighbors, volunteers, and community members, and we feel lucky to be engaged in this work with you all. We look forward to continuing this journey together as we endeavor to create a place that captures the soul of Austin, for all of Austin. #wallercreek

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