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Play at Palm Park

When was the last time you visited Palm Park? Is your answer, “what is Palm Park?”

If you have never been, Palm Park is the area between the frontage road of IH 35 and Waller Creek, next to the historic Palm School building. While the park is small, it is a site full of potential. MVVA’s team has designed an exciting concept for the transformation of the park into a destination space for children and families.

As stewards of the area, the Waller Creek Conservancy is in the process of developing programming designed to draw more Austinites to the existing parks and trails along the creek, even before construction of the selected design begins.

If you’ll remember, last spring we hosted an event for SXSW in the Palm Park pool, “Arts of Palm,” turning the empty pool into an artspace for a night.

Last week, some more modern play equipment was installed at the park in an attempt to bring families to the space. We are happy to say that these efforts are already paying off. Just a few days ago, a parent wrote to us about a very encouraging sight he recently witnessed:

“As [my wife] and I passed Palm Park on our way to visit an artist’s studio, we noticed a grandmother, a mother, a child, and a bright orange jogging stroller at the park. I basically pass the park daily, and I can’t remember the last time I passed by and saw parents and play at Palm Park.”- Martin Barrera.

Construction of the new play equipment at Palm Park.

More construction at Palm Park.

Newly-installed play equipment at Palm Park.

We were thrilled to stumble upon more users of the park when we went to snap some pictures of the play equipment for this post:

A little girl and her father enjoy a beautiful fall day at Palm Park

Stay tuned for more activation and reclamation of Palm Park in the upcoming year.