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Outstanding Austinites

This week, it’s hard to look at a local publication and not read about the Waller Creek Conservancy. We were thrilled to see two of our founders recognized as outstanding Austinites: Tom Meredith and Melba Whatley.

The Austin Chamber of Commerce named Tom and his wife Lynn the “2012 Austinites of the Year,” noting, “Austin’s unique character continues to be enriched through the community leadership of Tom and Lynn Meredith. From building great businesses, to providing critical support for the arts, education and unique resources.”

Tom and Lynn Meredith recognized by the Austin Chamber of Commerce

Tom and Lynn Meredith recognized by the Austin Chamber of Commerce

TRIBEZA magazine not only named Melba Whatley one of Austin’s 10 people of 2012, it also featured her on the cover of their December issue. What qualifies you to become one of the “top 10?” TRIBEZA writes that their selections represent “this year’s fearless innovators, boldest breakout stars and all around passionate citizens of Austin.”

Melb on the cover of TRIBEZA

Melba on the cover of TRIBEZA

Passionate advocacy is a hallmark in the extraordinary efforts of all of our founders. Melanie Barnes, Tom Meredith and Melba Whatley have succeeded at taking on a complex, daunting challenge with visionary initiative.

Quoting Melba in TRIBEZA’s interview: “If we’re really going to be a city that continues to attract creativity and spawn creativity, we’ve got to make spaces where creative things can happen. This project has the certainty of being transformative for the whole city, not just downtown.”

Though Tom, Lynn and Melba are civic leaders and philanthropists outside of their work at the conservancy, these recent accolades are further proof that Austin recognizes the critical significance of transforming Waller Creek.