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Monument Lab Community Workshop on May 18

WCC is partnering with Monument Lab for a focused discussion around an open research question: “Who decides the fate of public space?”

This free workshop is open to the public and will be lead by Monument Lab’s Paul Farber, co-founder and Artistic Director, and Laurie Allen, Director of Research.

Presented with our current “New Monuments for New Cities” art exhibition, Monument Lab will engage collaborators and community participants in research aimed at mapping civic process, authority, and authorship in five participating cities: Houston, Austin, Chicago, Toronto, and New York.

Through this series of workshops and discussions across all five sites, participants will explore the evolving character of monuments, the lifespans of adaptive reuse infrastructure, and the dynamics of public space, all centered around the research question reflecting who decides how each public form takes shape, gets critically engaged, and/or transforms over time.

Each workshop will include a presentation of Monument Lab research findings from conversations from their “Report to the City”, based on engagements with over 250,000 public participants.

Click here to RSVP. And subscribe to the Monument Lab podcast today!

Monument Lab Community Workshop: Reflecting Authority
May 18 10am—11:30am

Symphony Square, 1111 Red River Street