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Behind the Fence at Waterloo Park: Mockups on the Rise

Curious about the eye-catching structures you can see rising above the construction fence at the southeast corner of Waterloo Park? 

One of them is a 25’-6” pre-construction mockup of the amphitheater’s massive steel and aluminum canopy. The Moody Amphitheater, designed by Thomas Phifer and Partners, will be an iconic 5,000-person-capacity music and performing arts venue when Waterloo Park reopens in 2020.

You will also see two temporary concrete structures that are mockups of the amphitheater walls. The third mockup is a test pour of the elevated promenade that will soon be constructed near the southwest corner of the park.

Our construction team, DPR, has been creating full-scale mockups to test the techniques and materials used to create these one-of-a-kind structures. This ensures that any technical issues or concerns that may arise are addressed before work begins on the actual structure.

The mockups are located at 12th St. and Red River St., but the permanent location for the amphitheater is on Trinity St. near 14th St. At that location, you can see the Moody Amphitheater being constructed.

By the end of this month, we are expecting to complete the center walls of the venue. Who knows which artist will be the first to take the stage when the Moody Amphitheater opens! Any requests?

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