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A Second Linear Urban Creek Redevelopment for Central Texas

San Antonio is making plans to redevelop an under-utilized urban creek of their own. The San Pedro Creek is currently known as a narrow waterway that passes in between commercial buildings in a highly urbanized setting. The creek is underutilized and in some places unsafe; however, the San Antonio River Authority is spearheading a project that will redevelop the creek into a pedestrian and bike connection.

Much like the Waller Creek Conservancy, planners and government officials saw the need to return the space to a human scale, for human uses. Bicycles and pedestrians will be prioritized; provided a separated private path away from vehicles. The project is also placing an emphasis on the return of nature to the area. Ecology of the creek will be restored and there will be planting along the 2 mile stretch in order to create a green space for downtown.

The San Pedro project highlights a strong current in urban planning; the increased value given to green amenities. Planners are recognizing the economic, ecological, and social value that green spaces bring to the urban core. Waller Creek was ahead of the curve in this regard and now we see peer projects popping up in our own region.

For more info on the project, check out the article in The Rivard Report.