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What’s going on in Waterloo…

If you have walked by Waterloo Park, you have probably wondered about the progress of the Waller Creek Tunnel as well as what will happen when all of this construction finishes.

You might also have asked yourself recently, “what has the Waller Creek Conservancy been up to since the design competition ended?

These two questions are related and we have been working tirelessly on costing and phasing the transformation of Waller Creek since the conclusion of the competition this fall.

We’ve shown you into the tunnel itself, but this image from a recent KUT article shows a rare glimpse behind the fences at Waterloo Park:

We wish we could post a sparkling, ready-for-mass-circulation image of what will replace this construction site. Instead, let us tickle your imagination by allowing you to dream about the 6’x6′ to-scale model of Waterloo Park living in these boxes:

"mini" Waterloo Park awaiting assembly...