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Waterloo Greenway’s Integrated Strategic Plan 2023 – 2028

Over the course of eight months, Waterloo Greenway engaged its full board and staff in an iterative strategic planning process that established bold and impactful priorities for the organization’s future.

This plan will help establish clear roles and responsibilities for Waterloo Greenway’s staff and board, and determine realistic timelines and metrics for park, program, and organizational policy implementation.

Strategic Priorities & Goals

Organizational Development & Financial Stability

Waterloo Greenway’s alignment around its clear purpose, ongoing strategic leadership, and continued financial planning reflects best practices and ensures sustainability.

Design & Construction

Waterloo Greenway leads the planning, design, and construction of enduring and universally beloved public spaces.

Programming & Operations

Waterloo Greenway builds on and inspires diverse community programming to serve Austin equitably, provide a high-quality standard of park operations and maintenance, and sustain the organization’s success.

Community Relationships

Waterloo Greenway leads and collaborates with a diverse set of partners towards a shared vision and agenda to amplify community needs.


Waterloo Greenway is an inclusive public space that fosters a sense of belonging and is a unique part of Austin’s diverse culture.

A letter from our CEO, Jesús Aguirre & Board Chair, Tim LaFrey

Dear Austin Community,

Since the implementation of our previous Strategic Plan, we have experienced incredible change in our community and in Waterloo Park. We have seen the Park once again come to life with new community programming, arts & culture, natural habitats, and wildlife returning to its 11 acres.

A new phase of Waterloo Greenway is also now under construction at the southern end of our parks system. As our city continues to grow and change, our work becomes even more important with the need for access to nature, respite from extreme weather, health and wellness opportunities, and places for us to build community. We thank you for helping grow our vision and create inclusive spaces that will have a lasting, generational impact.

Now, we are thrilled to share the Waterloo Greenway Integrated Strategic Plan 2023-2028 – an inspiring blueprint that will chart our course over the next five years. Our planning process has led us through an intensive, collaborative, and iterative eight month process. We have identified five key priority areas that center our focus in the coming years to ensure mutual success for our organization, stakeholders, and the Austin community.

Our Strategic Plan is rooted in our City Council-approved Design Plan that outlines our path towards creating a 1.5-mile connected park system. It is bolstered by regular community feedback and programming that has engaged thousands in our community. And most critically, it is a comprehensive foundation based in Austin history, and an appreciation of the lived experiences of those who have come before us and lived, worked, and played in Waller Creek. This is an ambitious plan, one that embraces change and growth with unwavering enthusiasm. Together, we look forward to advancing our efforts in intentional design and construction, excellent programming and operations, strengthening community relationships, affirming our identity as an inclusive public space, and developing the organization’s internal infrastructure to ensure its success.

Our organization has blossomed since our founding in 2010, growing from a fledgling non-profit with incredible aspirations, to one stewarding a park that hosts year-round community programming, and simultaneously continues planning and construction as we expand the Waterloo Greenway parks system. We must balance these comprehensive organizational and operational challenges on a daily basis and will look to this Strategic Plan as a guiding roadmap.

We extend our gratitude to all those who have contributed to the creation of this bold and ambitious framework. From our dedicated board members to the passionate Waterloo Greenway Staff and committed community partners – your dedication and input have shaped this transformative vision. Together, we will write the next chapter of Waterloo Greenway’s story, and we eagerly anticipate the incredible moments that await us.


Jesús Aguirre, CEO & Tim LaFrey, Board Chair