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Let’s Join Forces to Support Local Businesses

Poster by Red River Cultural District

UPDATE: The city’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve each day. Since the original post, local businesses have begun following the guidelines implemented by local and national health authorities. There are still many ways for you to help our community. Check out this KUT post for additional resources and helpful information.

People all over the city and across the nation are banding together to support the countless artists, restaurants, bars, venues, hotels, and businesses that were deeply impacted by the cancellation of SXSW.

These next few weeks and beyond, join us in supporting our neighbors in the Red River Cultural District and the hundreds of downtown-area businesses that spent months preparing for the biggest and busiest SXSW yet — bringing in more than 400,000 visitors and $356 million into the local economy in 2019.

Wondering how you can help? Here are some helpful links:

  • Stand with Austin Fund — The Austin Community Foundation created this fund to receive charitable donations to support nonprofits assisting individuals and small businesses most negatively impacted by the cancellation of SXSW and least able to recover on their own.
  • GoFundMe: Banding Together ATX — The Red River Cultural District is Banding Together with the Austin live music community to support the venues, artists, hospitality and production workers, businesses and organizations that rely on increased patronage during SXSW to survive.
  • I Lost My Gig — The cancellation of SXSW is financially crushing for local creatives and small businesses. Many have lost gigs and revenue that they were counting on. Support our community by making donations directly to them using their information listed at
  • Unofficial Parties & Free Shows — In addition to previously scheduled unofficial shows, clubs are putting together new bills to put musicians and industry workers to work. Check out The Austin Chronicle’s list of unofficial parties & free shows that are still happening around town.
  • How Austin is Supporting the Local Service Industry — Austin restaurants, bars, and organizations are now rallying support for local businesses expected to suffer as a result; many are offering specials on food, drink, and goods purchased in anticipation of SXSW.
  • Austin’s Live Music Venues Join Forces to Produce “We Can Do Magic!” —A coalition of rad events, pulled out of the metaphorical hat, conjured into existence by and for the Austin live music community. Join us as we harness the magic of music and good times, turning dark days to light and making the impossible possible. Follow venues for individual show lineups dropping this week!